better side of winter


At the beginning of 2018 winter we have created an installation that has a tangible effect to show product promise - that when a Drwal (Lumberjack) Burger appears, winter in Poland is more fun.


Based on a fact that due to climate change winters are not as snowy as they used to be. And winter season for Poles meant that Drwal Burger is available at McDonald’s. Drwal's new promise was to convince that no matter what the winter brings, with Drwal it would be fun! With the idea “Better side of winter” we committed to deliver new promise not only through standard comms. Our ambition was to let Poles experience the Drwal promise too.


26,6 mln audience reach, 200 k social media interaction, Own Google Maps Location created by fans. Effie, Innovation, KTR, Epica and Golden Drums awards.